The Predictions Are In—These Are the Biggest Home Décor Trends of 2018

Gabrielle Savoie  |  December 5, 2017

While we may want our homes to feel timeless and our décor to last forever, there's no denying that trends play a large role in our decorating process. Even if we consciously try to avoid them, they creep into our spaces via a brass mirrorhere or a marble accent there. And they should—just like any great outfit is influenced by a mix of trendy accents and personal style, the best interiors reflect personality while showcasing a few pieces that make it feel current. That's where trends come in.

The trick to decorating with trends is twofold. First, use them sparsely, and focus on the ones you see yourself adopting for a long time. Second, look ahead to the trends that are on their way up, as opposed to the ones that are dwindling—and your décor will feel fresh for longer. To help inform us on what trends are on the rise, we turn to industry experts each year to give us the lowdown on the next big interior trends. No matter how much we think we know about interior trends, interior designers, architects, and other industry professionals always manage to spotlight something we never saw coming. From fringed lighting to walnut woods, here are the next big trends on the rise for 2018—which ones will you adopt?



"People are looking for simplicity and peace in their spaces," says Dan Mazzarini of BHDM Design. "Tone on tone is an easy way to do this—although it does take a lot of discipline." The designer anticipates seeing more spaces that are entirely designed in the same color family.

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