Fluorescent colors and tropical accents flourish in a Hawaiian hotel’s renovation, where nature meets neon

RITA SALERNO / August 8th, 2018

Photo: Brian Ferry

Nearly 2,500 miles off the western coast of the United States lie some of the world’s most isolated islands. Immersed in pristine natural landscapes, Hawaii sits at a cultural crossroads between Asian and American influences.


Here in Honolulu, the state capital and most populated city of the 8 principal islands, an animated touristic destination features a stunning mix of nature and urban infrastructure. The city sits on the southeast coast of Oahu, extending along the island’s perimeter from Pearl Harbor to Makapuu Point, including the famous Waikiki beach.


The renowned beach, which in the local language means “spouting fresh water”, is among the most vibrant areas of the Hawaiian islands, where troves of tourists and locals flock all year long. From the shore, beach goers are faced by the imposing Diamond Head, an inactive volcanic cone and city symbol touting some of the best panoramas around.


Just a stone’s throw from the famous beaches of Honolulu, the Shoreline Hotel Waikiki emerges from a redesign by Studio BHDM, set on creating the “most instagramable hotel in Hawaii”. Founded in 2008, BHDM is guided by head designer Dan Mazzarini, whose original stylings are marked by bold colors and one of a kind pieces.


To transform the interiors of the Shoreline into a photo-friendly atmosphere, the team chose furnishings and textiles with a mix of vibrant, unique colors. Combining tropical prints with monochrome walls, a natural contrast creates a chromatic kaleidoscope where nature meets neon.


From the reception area, guests are welcomed with a warm pink rug and panel-clad wall punctuated by a neon “aloha” sign. The same flooring continues into the lounge area, where furnishings are upholstered in yellow, seafoam green, blue, and red.

Corridors lead to rooms decorated with floral wallpaper, while rugs pop with geometric motifs. Quirky elements with bold colors are paired with a monochrome wall behind each bed, sewing harmony between an array of extroverted elements.

Recalling the local landscapes, a handful of walls are adorned with topographical models of the Hawaiian archipelago. Meanwhile, an extra touch of color couldn’t go missing in the bathrooms, which remain mostly white among chromatic pop accessories.

Winding up a set of stairs, a rooftop pool is sheltered by a mural curated by BHDM from Californian artist DJ Neff, while illumination is used to create a colorful experience with breathtaking panoramas over the city and the beach.