Photo: Brian Ferry

While aggressively quirky offices have fast become the norm for tech startups, media giants, and even the occasional powerplant company, law offices, it seems, have always had a certain buttoned-up, strictly-business aesthetic to adhere to. Ready to challenge those rigid parameters, though, is the wonderfully weird NYC-based Axiom Law, which bucks mahogany desks and plush club chairs for a hodgepodge of groovy, beachy style. Decorated by Local firm BHDM Design, the workspace is split up into living room-style lounges across a suite in the historic Puck Building, all furnished in 70s-print couches, adirondack chairs, and a few brightly colored sharks suspended from the ceiling.

Since the glossy rows of desks are relegated to a single sunny hall in the middle, the kitchen, cafeteria, and bar are free to take up most of the space with amphitheater-style seating, Pinterest-worthy moss graffiti (really, it's a weirdly popular thing), and—best of all—stools upholstered in astroturf. To match the sharks, of course. Take the full tour, this way.


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