Transformation in New York

The BHDM Design team supported the owner of this department to give a new life to their home.

KARINE MONIÉ  | 22 | 02 | 2016

Interior Design: BHDM Design

In Manhattan , this department belongs to a lawyer who loves to travel. Having lived here for several years , the owner decided it was time to change. One option was to move and the other to renovate your home. The professionals of BHDM Design managed to convince him that the second alternative was better since the structure had a lot of potential.

The dweller's dress-formal and formal during the day but casual during his free time-was the starting point of the creative concept. In fact, the space, which initially had two bedrooms and now has a single room and a library, is now a more masculine aesthetic.

In the living room, a new fireplace was designed to measure by BHDM Design with a style that is not only contemporary but also that refers to home decor. In the library, orange predominates and fuses with materials such as leather and wood. Every corner of this apartment reveals bold colorful touches, richly textured fabrics and a fusion of new, vintage and custom made pieces.