Chic anD coastal vibe

Located on Long Island, in the State of New York, the American Beech Hotel and Restaurant reflects the nautical tradition of the Greenport Village.

KARINE MONIÉ 16 | 02 | 2016

Interior Design: BHDM Design

Everything that is related to the sea has to do with Greenport. Known as a small port where whales were fished for years , today it continues to honor its history with the annual organization of a festival that exhibits a dozen vintage boats In this town, the New York office BHDM designed a restaurant housed in a building dating back more than a century. Adorned with gray and white stripes, the floor and cushions are combined with wooden elements. Rope was also used to decorate the space.

In the upper floor that houses the five suites , the objective was to give the feeling of being in small cottages or bungalows. Each room has a mini-kitchen and an area to sit and relax. Works of art were especially created by the artist Michael McGuire - of Chicago - who is a friend of the team of BHDM Design. The entire property - including the open-air bar where a fireplace is situated - creates a casual atmosphere and aerial look .

Photography: Adam Macchia