long island, is the totally new white american beech boat hotel

White candy and natural wood for this charming cottage hotel that in the 5 bedrooms and in the typical restaurant encloses all the love for the sea and nautical



Located two hours and a half by car from New York City, on the northern tip of Long Island, American Beech is the new cottage hotel designed by Dan Mazzarini, founder of the BHDM studio in New York.  The bedroom is thought of as a cottage with original wooden beams and the white-style decor in modern style. 

An intimate hotel with collected space, total white. Only five bedrooms featuring dedicated nautical furnishings - chosen as the project's mood - alternating with reclaim items such as beams and neutral wood flooring.

The installation with the nautical ropes of the restaurant, the motifs on the floor and the seams ton sur ton, the natural materials relate to the tradition and the past of the former marine port. The bar area accommodates, on the walls, artwork custom made sculptors. Many elements of the past combine to a modern decor with some vintage pieces: from traditional wooden benches to contemporary white bar stools, to the lamps found on the flea market.

The design is inspired by the owner's passion for boats. "We wanted to create a casual but stylish environment inspired by tradition in contemporary design ," says designer Mazzarini. The restaurant with the spacious outdoor lounge area looks like a floating boat with relaxing benches, wooden tables and brick fireplace to heat the sea's evenings al fresco.  Last thought. Absolutely not random choice . An evocative memory that recalls the secular tree - beech tree - located in the backyard of a 1900s house in the center of Greenport, transformed into a hotel of minimal and contemporary style.